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Juan Rosero


Juan Rosero


VP of Education

Shelly Mannan DTM

Joined Club: 11/1/2015
Joined Toastmasters: 10/1/2013

VP of Membership

Ray E Smith

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Joined Toastmasters: 8/1/2016

VP of Public Relations

Deborah Blum

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Noreen Every-Clayton

Joined Club: 3/1/2017
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Cynthia Cortes (ACB, ALB)

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Alexander Posada

Sgt. at Arms

Alexander Posada

Joined Club: 09/10/2019
Adrienne Kraft

Adrienne Kraft

About Me: I moved to Florida from New Jersey 2016. I was a career civil service employee, working for the Treasury department of New Jersey as a computer programmer.   I retired in 2010. I love art and music. I like to draw and paint and am practicing the violin with the help of the violin tutor who posts lessons on Utube. I like to be outdoors and enjoy taking long walks or swimming. I love going to the bandshell. I enjoy reading, especially murder mysteries.  

Joined Club: July 2018
Joined Toastmasters: July 2018