Toastmasters Meeting

Thursday March 5, 2020 12:15 PM

SAA opens meeting. Pledge of Allegiance – Introduces President

President leads self-introductions – Word of the Day – Introduces Event/Education – Gives control of meeting to TM of the day.

Toastmaster of the Day:
John Michael Clapp
Introduces supporting roles. Gives control to Topics Master.

Ah Counter:
Fernanda Almada (guest)

Body Language Monitor:
Catherine Uden (guest)


Elena Brouwer

Vote Counter:

Table Topics Master:
Deborah Blum
Topics Master describes Table Topics – Asks for timing – Conducts session – Asks for Timer’s report – Calls for vote – Returns control to Toastmaster.

Toastmaster introduces speakers with speech title and timing

Tali Battikof (guest)
Jennifer Smith-Vogler

Backup Speaker:

Toastmaster calls for timer’s report – Calls for vote

General Evaluator:
Willasue Susskind, DTM
Explains evaluations – Asks Timing sequence – Introduces Evaluators.

Noreen Every-Clayton
Leslie Rosen

Backup Evaluator:

General Evaluator calls for Timer’s report – Calls for vote. Evaluates meeting – Returns meeting to Toastmaster.

TM of the Day asks for role descriptions and reports (Timing sequence: 1-2 minutes) Vote Counter-Awards.

President closes meeting: Member comments – Guest comments- Club Announcements – Role Assignments.

Adjournment: Please help the Sgt. at Arms clean up


Conflate v. Combine two or more texts, ideas, etc. into one. “Their ideas were conflated in ways that were not helpful.”