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Thursday October 28, 2021

Region 8, District 47, Division A, Area 13, Club #01348034


Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Recurring Events:

Birthday – Every 1st Week

Induction Ceremony – Every 2nd Week

We are currently meeting online via Zoom until further notice.

We are Seeking Nominations for Contest Speakers to compete in Area Contest. Nominations will be open until September 3rd.


Juan Rosero

VP of Education
Shelly Mannan DTM

VP of Membership
Ray E Smith

VP of Public Relations
Deborah Blum

Noreen Every-Clayton

Cynthia Cortes, ACB, ALB

Sgt. at Arms
Alexander Posada

12:00 PM SAA opens meeting. Pledge of Allegiance – Introduces President

12:01 PM President leads self-introductions – Word of the Day – Introduces Event/Education – Gives control of meeting to TM of the day.

12:14 PM Toastmaster of the Day Open
Introduces supporting roles. Gives control to Topics Master.
Ah Counter Open
Body Language Monitor Open
Grammarian Open
Timer Open
Vote Counter Open
12:17 PM Table Topics Master Open
Topics Master describes Table Topics – Asks for timing – Conducts session – Asks for Timer’s report – Calls for vote – Returns control to Toastmaster.

12:27 PM Toastmaster introduces speakers with speech title and timing

12:29 PM Speaker 1 Open
Speaker 2 Open

12:50 PM Toastmaster calls for timer’s report – Calls for vote

12:51 PM General Evaluator Open
Explains evaluations – Asks Timing sequence – Introduces Evaluators.
12:52 PM Evaluator 1 Open
Evaluator 2 Open

1:01 PM General Evaluator calls for Timer’s report – Calls for vote. Evaluates meeting – Returns meeting to Toastmaster.

1:04 PM TM of the Day asks for role descriptions and reports (Timing sequence: 1-2 minutes) Vote Counter-Awards.

1:09 PM President closes meeting: Member comments – Guest comments- Club Announcements – Role Assignments.

1:14 PM Adjournment: Please help the Sgt. at Arms clean up


1:15 PM End